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Shahi Paneer

Nawab's Secret Shahi Paneer is an aromatic main dish recipe, which is prepared using paneer, yoghurt, milk, fresh cream and a paste made of almonds, cashews and onions.


Shahi Paneer is a popular dish of Mughlai cuisine and has a very unique taste in it..The very reason why the word ‘Shahi’ is added to the name of this recipe is that it has a rich gravy made of nuts and onions, as Mughals used to love any dish made in such a gravy.

It’s a creamy-spicy paneer recipe, with which you will fall in love in the very first bite. You can pair this lip-smacking paneer recipe with butter naan and tandoori roti. Some people also enjoy this dish with cumin rice as well. It is such an interesting dish that no one will say NO to it! Go ahead and try this incredible paneer with and enjoy with your loved ones!

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