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Lazzat E Taam

Lazzat E Taam also know as Potli ka Masala is one of the most secret spicemix of the Kitchen of erstwhile Nawab's of Lucknow. 

The ingredients and the composition of it is still mystery for chefs whether Indian or International. It is used in various delicacies like Kebabs , Nehari etc and is the prime reason why other companies are not able to replicate the traditional taste and flavour of Awadhi cuisine.

Due to above , it has huge demand among Chefs and Hotel Industries and we are the Primary supplier to them.

Some of the rare ingredients (Roots and herbs) used in Lazzat E Taam besides numerous spices are  Haobaer, Tajmoti, Kababa, Kebabchini, Barmi, Zarakhus, Khus roots, Soyabeed, Panari Asli, Balchar, Pan root, Pipli, Rose petals, Sandal powder etc.

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