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Kakori Seekh Kebab

Kakori Seekh Kebab along with Galavati / Galauti Kebab are considered softest kebabs in the world. In fact kakori kabab have a tagline attached to them “melt in your mouth kebabs”, meaning they are so soft and succulent that they will just melt away in your mouth.One of the most famous dishes of Awadhi cuisine, these kebabs are known for their soft texture and fragrant flavour. Just like Seekh Kebabs, they are grilled on skewers

These kebabs are so soft and succulent that they melt in your mouth right away. This dish is easy to cook and high on fibre. Kakori kebabs are a great option for a dinner or lunch party. Impress your guests with this tender delicacy and be the star of the party. Serve this lip-smacking appetizer with mint  or Green corriander chutney to your loved ones.

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