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Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani renowned for its beautiful cacophony of flavours  is a delicious medley of fine long grain rice and succulent pieces of meat marinated in a perfect blend of aromatic spices and herbs which not only add to the taste, but also the flavors and texture.

Along with Lucknow Biryani ,it is considered the best .Though which is better between Lucknow Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani is a matter of debate being rage since centuries between its conneseurs and fans.

Nawab's Secret Hyderabadi Biryani offers the most authentic Hyderabadi Kacchi Biryani version where the meat is not cooked separately but its marinated and gets cooked along with the rice.

The meat pieces are marinated with Yoghurt, Ginger-Garlic paste, Spices, Green chilli, Corriander, Mint leaves and Lemon juice, it’s allowed to sit for a few hours so that it soaks in all the flavours of the marinate and become tender.

Contrary to popular opinion, Hyderabadi Biryani do not involve heavy usage of Spices. There is little to no usage of Black pepper, Cinnamom, Corriander etc though the stronger spices such as Cardamom,Mace etc are used in good proportion. The  pungency,tanginesss etc of Hyderabadi  biryani depend more on Green Masala(Chilli, Green Corriander, mint ) used and thus can be contolled by amount of their usage. The flavor though do depend upon the quality of the Spices.

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