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Lucknow's Galawati Kebab

Lucknow's Galawati Kebab also known as Galauti Kebab are considered as the best Kebab in the world owing to its melt in the mouth characteristic and unique taste and flavour. Its mysterious spices has made the Lucknow's chefs and Bawarchis most sought after in the Culinary Industry. These exotic spices and herbs imparts them such a heavenly taste and aroma that make it unparalleled in the Kabab World.

Epitomise by Tundey's Kebab or Kareem's Kabab of Lucknow,Nawab's Secret Lucknow Kabab Masala provides the same age old Masala as well as Recipe that goes on to make this grand Galawati or Galauti Kebab traditionally followed by the Barwarchi od Awadh since the Nawab's time.

So, now you don't need to travel Lucknow to enjoy the iconic Tunday 's Galawati Kebab , you can very well create the same magic in your own Kitchen with Nawab's Secret Spicemix.

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