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Nawab's Secret Spices invites interested Distributors/Dealers for unrepresented area and region.

Why Us:-


  • Spiceco Foods was founded on the concept of providing our Customers the most authentic and complete spice mix for the world famous foods of Awadhi & Hyderabadi cuisine. Our Spice mix comprises of some of the most exotic spices, herbs and flowers that have been traditionally used in Awadhi Cuisine. Composition as well as recipe of each of our Products have been developed under the strict guidelines of expert Bawarchis(Chef) of Lucknow and therefore are 100% authentic. We have started our operation in 2015 by direct selling on  Amazon so as to gauge the mood and views of Consumers present in different regions of India. Currently, our Products are among the top selling products in the Non veg spice mix segment.


  • There is no big Indian brand operating in the Mughlai/Awadhi Cuisine segment, most of the Indian companies have just confined themselves to few products ( in the Non veg segment) i.e Chicken Masala, Meat Masala , Biryani Masala  which are obviously very general in nature. Therefore our products hold huge market potential for a large section of the population who crave for good home made Awadhi/Mughlai cuisine.

  • Only major competition in this field is from Pakistani brand like “SHAN” , “National” and “ Mehran”. We do believe that our Products will be able to outperform them as there are ingredients which are used in Awadhi/Mughlai Cuisine which are not accessible to others due to tradition of extreme secrecy employed by the erstwhile Kitchens of Nawabs. An example of this is Lazzat E Taam(Potli ka Masala) which is manufactured only by few in Lucknow. The ingredients and the composition of it is still mystery for chefs whether Indian or International. This Potli ka Masala is used in various delicacies like Kebabs , Nehari etc and is the reason why other companies are not able to replicate the taste and flavour of Awadhi cuisine. Further, the range of Products offered by the Pakistani brand are diverse but they have overlooked the various world famous and traditional dishes of Lucknow and Hyderabad.

  • We are focussing more on the Lucknow i.e Awadhi branch of Mughlai Cuisine. At present, we are the only manufacturer for the spice mix of Lucknow’s Biryani, Galawati Kebab, Kakori Seekh Kebab, Awadhi Nehari etc. The Spice mix of these products has also good demand in the Hotel Industry.

  • In addition to Spice mix , we are also manufacturing various essence used in Mughlai cuisine such as Meetha Attar, Gulab Attar , Kewra Water etc.  Meetha Attar and Kewra water has already generated good demand on Amazon particularly from Hotel industries as well as retail customer

Samples : Please note we  do not entertain free sample request. If interested it can bought from Amazon . We can directly send sample provided that total sample includes atleast 24 units of any combination of products.The per unit cost is Rs. 60/- including shipping cost. The sample will be sent by Speed post and usually take 2-3 days.

Also, our mode of supply is strictly on advance payment basis. It is therefore requested that if you agree to this then only contact us for Distribution querry.

Please visit  again for more information

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