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Boti Kebab & Tikka

If you are someone, who is fascinated with Lucknowi cuisine then you cannot just deny how delicious Boti Kebabs are! It is a perfect appetizer recipe for parties and get-togethers. This kebab recipe is prepared using cubed Chicken/mutton pieces, which are marinated well with Yoghurt (papaya paste for Mutton), ginger-garlic paste and exotics Spices .

These marinated  pieces can either be  Stir fried or grilled to perfection in skewers. The best thing about this Awadhi dish is that you can enjoy them as a starter and along with roomali roti as well in dinner. So, if you are a non-vegetarian lover who likes to dig into the spicy and flavourful dishes, then this  is something you must try at home.

Delicious,tempting and full with quintessential Mughlai flavour. It is insanely super easy to make.

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