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Follow the footsteps of Nawabs again

Celebrate the season like the Nawabs of  yore, Embark on a royal journey where kebabs melt in your mouth  and Lucknow's Biryani, Korma & Nehari melts your heart. Let Nawab's Secret Spices indulge you with delicacies that befit true Nawabi traditions. 

Lucknow Biryani

The distinct feature of this biryani is the use of meat cooked with milk gravy & rice in a dum pukht style i.e cooked over low flame, which makes the mutton pieces more  juicy and aromatic. Lucknow's Biryani is softer, moist and stands out for subtlety of its flavours. Go with Lucknowi Biryani for its succulent indulgence to lift up your mood any day.


About Us

Spiceco Foods was founded on the concept of providing our Customers the most authentic and complete spice mix for the world famous foods of Lucknow.

Our Spice mix comprises of some of the most exotic spices,herbs and flowers that have been traditionally used in Awadhi Cuisine.

In order to suit the palate of the present generation, the recipes have been meticulously tried and tested several times with a toning down of the rich ingredients wherever possible. Both the cooking time and the method have also been modified and adapted to the modern kitchen without compromising on the final taste and flavour of the dishes. Though we still hold that “ sahaj pakey so meetha hoi(that which is cooked by the slow method is more tasteful), we have adapted most of the recipes to suit today’s kitchen.


Our Products Range


Spice Mix

Diverse range of Recipe Spice mix from the Kitchen of Erstwhile Nawabs. Every spice mix comprises of all the exotics spices, herbs and roots that impart uniqueness to the Awadhi branch of Mughlai cuisine.


Essence & Essential Oils

100% Pure Essential oils and Attar. Lab certificate if required are available.


Exotic Spices

Pure and Natural Exotic Spices, Herbs and Roots.

Awadhi Cuisine

The Pinnacle of Mughlai Cuisine

It was 159 years ago that the last of the kings of Avadh walked on the sarzameen (land) of their beloved Lucknow. While these monarchs sat on the throne of Avadh, there was nothing that they left untouched, thankfully, for their touch was like the proverbial magic wand. It could raise the most mundane of activities into the realm of art and to unattained heights of excellence. Little wonder that even bawarchis became master creator of culinary delights. Powerful courts all over India vyed with each other to wean away a cook who had either worked or was trained in Lucknow. To belong to Lucknow was the highest qualification a cook could hold.

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